NZ SUPREME CHAMPION Skyeway Want Ya Back At Shenace (Imp Aust) DOB: 28/05/07
20/09/2014: Sage wins her 75th CC and will know be known as SUPREME CHAMPION Skyeway Want Ya Back At Shenace (Imp Aust). Sage is NZ's first SUPREME CHAMPION, you need 5 x All Breeds BEST IN SHOW's and 75CCs. We are so proud of our girl who backed herself the following week and won her 7th ALL BEST IN SHOW under Mrs Jocelyn Croad (Aust). Sage is sired by Alex - Aust Ch/BISS NZ Ch Shenace Good On Ya (Exp Aust) and out of Alltalk Strawberry Kisses. With an attitude to die for, this beautiful young girl oozes style and class, she is consistantly being appreciated by all rounders & specialists alike. Thanks to our good friends Kerry Hutt & Geoff Love (Wyldechase Whippets) for their caretaking of Sage prior to her arrival in NZ. Our thanks also to Jon & Annabell Gunn from Skyeway Kennels for entrusting young Sage into our care. Click here for Sage’s gallery 2011: Sage ends 2011 as NZ's Number 1 Top Hound & Number 4 Top Show Dog Nationally (DOL): BEST IN SHOW: Manawatu Kennel Assn - Mr David Tidswell (Aust) BEST IN SHOW: Tauranga Kennel Assn - Lesley Cameron/Rhonda Lane (Aust) BEST IN SHOW: Tauranga Kennel Assn - Jane Usmar (NZ) Mrs Judy Horton(Aust) BEST IN SHOW: Tokoroa Kennel Assn - Mrs L Buckley (Aust) BEST IN SHOW: Hauraki Canine Assn - Mr G Gault & Mr M Bungey (Aust) BEST IN SHOW: Wellington Hound Assn - Cheryl Loftus (Aust) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW: Northland Kennel Assn - Ellie Matiland(Aust) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW: Hibiscus Coast Kennel Assn - G Blythe(Aust) S Tong (Singapore) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW: East Coast Hound Club - Mr Andrew Burt(Aust) BEST OF GROUP : Franklin Kennel Assn: Mrs Noreen Harris (Aust) Manawatu Kennel Assn: David Tidswell (Aust) Tauranga Kennel Assn: Lesley Cameron (Aust) Tauranga Kennel Assn NZYKC Benefit Show: Mrs Judy Horton (Aust) Tauranga Kennel Assn: Jane Usmar(NZ) AEC Benefit Show: Mrs M McKenzie (NZ) Northland KA: Ellie Maitland (Aust) Northland Kennel Assn: S Schwerdt (Aust) Hibiscus Coast KA: Mr G Blyth (Aust) Tokoroa KA: Mrs L Buckley (Aust) AKC: Mrs D Tyseen (NZ) AEC Benefit Show: Nicole Harrison (NZ) Hauraki Kennel Assn: Mr G Gault (Aust) Taupo KA: Mr D Brook (Aust) Runner Up BEST OF GROUP: East Coast Kennel Assn: Mr Jim Black (Aust) East Coast Kennel Assn: Sue Swalling (Aust) Hibiscus Coast Kennel Assn: J Rusby (Canada) Hauraki Kennel Assn: Mr W Burton (Aust) Huntly & Districts KA: Mr B Whitney (Canada) 2010: BEST IN SHOW - National Prelude Show - D Howell (Aust) J McErlane (NZ) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW - Franklin Kennel Assn - M Glover (Aust) G Gulbransen(NZ) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW - Ladies Kennel Assn - J Pepper (USA) N Nekrosiene (Lithuania) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW - Huntly KA - Mr J Bink (Aust) & Mr G Missen (Aust). BEST OF GROUP : Taupo KA: Mrs V Morrow (Aust) National Prelude: D Howell (Aust) Ladies Kennel Assn: Mr Jeffrey Pepper (USA) Ladies Kennel Assn: N Nekrosiene (Lithuania) BOI Canine Assn: Mr K Cronchery (Aust) BOI Canine Asnn: Ms V Spence (Aust) Huntly KA: Mr J Bink (Aust) BOI Canine Assn: Mr K Iggledon(Aust) Franklin KA: M Glover (Aust) Runner Up BEST OF GROUP : Northland KA: Yanina Smith (Aust), Taupo KA: Ms J Gotch (Aust) 2009: BEST IN SHOW - Hound Club Of Auckland: Mr H Kamisato (Japan) RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW - Hound Club Of Auckland: Mr Tony Kyman (Australia) BEST OF GROUP : 2009 EUKANUBA National Dog Show: Mrs Anne Ingram (Ireland) Ladies Kennel Assn: Mr Eugene Phoa (Canada) Kumeu Kennel Assn: Mr Milan Curk (Aust) Hibiscus Coast KA: Miss M Joyce (Aust) Runner Up BEST OF GROUP: 2009 Eukanuba Curtain Raiser: Mr Rick Baker (Aust). Mr D Johnson (Aust), Lesley Chalmers (NZ), G Gulbransen (NZ), JUNIOR & INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW: Mr Magasaysay (Phillipines), Mr W Burnton (Aust), V Carter, Mrs L Stevens (Aust), Dr Eugene Yurusalimsky (Russia), Tony Kyman (Aust), Mrs Pat Cruz (America/Mexico) 2008: Sage Wins ** BEST IN SHOW under Mr Ian Doherty - Martinique Whippet Kennels ** Best Of Group: F Mathews (Aust) Runner Up Best Of Group: Jenny Hempsall (Aust) Puppy In Show: C Rogers (NZ), D Tidswell (Aust) Puppy Of Group: D Tidswell (Aust), G Whitfield (NZ) 2007: Baby Puppy In Show: Mrs C Camac (Aust), L Coffey (Aust), Baby Puppy In Group: Frank Pieterse (Aust), M Gunter (Aust), H Lehkonen (Finland), S Bendixon (Aust)