2009: December 2009: Sage finishes the year by winning the Dogzonline BEST OF BREED LEADERBOARD 2009 for Whippets. This competition rewards the consistant BOB &RBOB winners at Championship shows throughout NZ. 14/12/09: Great news from Kim Orlando-Reep, the beautiful Isis wins her 4th certificate at Agility to qualify for the title ADX! Isis is now known as RAC CH Shenace Moon Goodess ADX, way to go Kim & Isis, the star team in the agility ring & the only whippet in NZ to qualify for this title! 6/12/09: ECLKA: Mr M Arthur (NSW) Ashley wins RCC & Best Junior Of Group 22/11/09: This is Kate's first weekend eligible to compete in JDH (Junior Dog Handlers), this competition is open to young handlers aged between 12 - 17yrs who compete for a trip to represent NZ at Crufts. We are very proud to report that Kate was placed 2nd, a super effort with extremely tough competition - well done to Kate for doing such a lovely job of Ashley whippet & the swap dog "Pirate" the Clumber Spaniel. 22/11/09: Franklin KA - Mrs F Harris (TAS) Sage BOB, Runner Up Best of Group & BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW (M McKenzie, QSLD). Sweepstakes: Mrs S Reeve (NSW) Kobi makes the puppy stakes finals & Ashley makes the NZ Bred Stakes finals. 26/10/09: Ladies KA: Mrs Liz Cartledge: Sage RCC & IOB. 26/10/09: YKC Breed Handling Stakes - Judge: Jean Lawless (Ireland) Kate wins the 8 - 11yr YKC Breed handling stakes with a Samoyed, Renae is placed 5th in the 8 - 11yr old's with Ashley. 25/10/09: The Whippet Club Inc: Mrs Pat Cruz (USA/Mexico) Sage RCC & BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW, Kobi wins BEST PUPPY IN SHOW 25/10/09: Ladies KA: Mr Eugene Phoa (Canada), Sage wins BOB & onto Best Of Group 24/10/09 Hound Club Of Auckland: Mr Tony Kyman (Australia) Sage wins RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW and Kobi is RCC & POB. 2/10/09: 2009 NZKC Eukanuba National Dog Show: SAGE has a blast at the shows! Judge Ann Ingram (Ireland) gives Sage Best Of Breed and then BEST OF HOUND GROUP! A huge win for our gorgeous girl at NZ's most Prestigious dog show. Her day was not over, we then went through to Dr Eugene Yurusalimsky (Russia) for General Specials and came home with BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW! Young Kobi got through to the Semi Finals in the Puppy Sweepstakes. 1/10/09: 2009 Eukanuba Curtain Raiser: Judge: Linda Stevens (Act) & Rick Baker (SA) SAGE wins BOB, Runner Up BEST OF GROUP and all the way through to Best INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW! 1/10/09: The Wellington Hound Club: Judge: G Love (SA) Young KOBI wins his 2nd CC and is Best Puppy Of Breed. 20/09/09: Kobi has his on page - Click HERE to view 06/09/09: Huntly & Districts KA - Mrs G Hovey (QSLD) Sage - Best Of Breed & Intermediate Of Group, Kobi wins his first CC against strong competition and knocked Ashley out for Puppy Of Breed. 05/09/09: Huntly & Districts KA - Mr P Martin (SA) Sage wins RBOB & Best Intermediate of Group, Ashley Best Puppy Of Breed. No more shows for us this month. 06/08/09: New pictures of Alice & Ashton aged 10.5mths 02/08/09: Kumeu Kennel Assn - Mr G Armstrong: Kobi wins BEST OF GROUP and best Puppy Of Group beautifully handled by Kate 20/06/09: The Hound Club of Auckland (2 shows) Mrs L McKenzie & Mrs L Parehowhai - Kobi wins BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW 06/06/09: Auckland Exhibition Centre - Mr J Stanton: Kobi wins BEST BABY PUPPY OF GROUP May/June/July: We haven't attended many shows due to our up and coming sports stars, this winter has been taken up with a lot of netball - Kate has had a super time playing representative & school netball. 18/04/09: Kumeu KA - Mr M Curk (NSW) - Sage wins BEST OF GROUP and then onto Best Open In Show. Ashley wins POB. Kate wins BOB & BEST PUPPY OF GROUP with young Jamie beagle against a strong line up. To date, Kate has piloted Jamie to 8cc's & 2 POG's - thanks to Jonathon Willis for entrusting Jamie to Kate's care - they are a super little team. 18/04/09: Ashley, Alice & Ashton have a new page for themselves. We welcome Master Kobi to the Shenace clan. 12/04/09: Great news from Australia - Ashton (Ashley's brother) wins his first CC - way to go Cathy & Asthon! 12/04/09: Sage wins Bitch CC, JOB, Ashley wins POB - B Marsh (Australia) Renae wins 1st place in YKC Breed Handling Stakes 8 - 11yr olds. Isis has a great day at Agility - she is placed 5th in the Dash For Cash Open Competition from an entry of 150 dogs - way to go Kim & Isis.! 11/04/09: Ashley wins All Breeds Puppy Sweepstakes - A Baxer (Australia) 10/04/09: SAGE WINS BEST IN SHOW: The Hound Club Of Auckland - Mr H Kamisato (Japan), Ashley Best Puppy Of Breed 09/04/09: Lily has packed her PJ's & toothbrush and headed off to Camp Beesholme to live a wonderful life with Jackie Howell and the clan. We have a new baby boy due to arrive... watch this space..... 29/03/09: Napier KA: Mrs I Glynn - Sage RBOB, JOB, JOG & then onto JUNIOR IN SHOW under Mr Wayne Burton (AUST) Ashley POB. 28/03/09: Wairoa KA: Dr S Arnold - Sage BOB, JOG - Group Specials: Mr M Magasaysay - Sage JUNIOR IN SHOW. Ashley POB. 22/03/09: AEC Benefit Show: L McVicker: Ashley hits the puppy class and wins her 1st CC at 6mths 5 days & onto POG. 21/03/09: AEC Benefit Show: G Gulbransen: Sage BOB & RUBOG, Ashley POB 07/03/09: Hamilton Kennel Assn - Mrs E Jackson - Ashley Baby Puppy Of Group March 09: Exciting news from Australia - Alice (litter sister to the multi BPIS winning Ashley & multi BPOG winning Ashton) had a fantastic time at the CANBERRA ROYAL - this gorgeous young baby was awarded BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW!!!!! Congratulations to Belinda & Cathy on such an awesome win - well done Team Raevon! 22/02/09: North Shore KA - L Chalmers - Sage Runner Up Best Of Group, Ashley BPOB 21/02/09: North Shore KA - A Spanswick (NSW) - Sage Best Of Breed, Ashley BPOB. 14/02/09: Tokoroa KA - Chris Moore (VIC) - Ashley BPOG and then onto BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW under D Tyssen 01/02/09: Hibiscus Coast KA - Judge: Mrs K Keely: Ashley wins another Best Baby Puppy Of Group 31/01/09: Hibiscus Coast KA - Judge: Miss M Joyce: Sage wins her last CC to qualify for her NZ CHAMPION title - not only does she win BOB but she finishes her title in style with another BEST OF GROUP! Congratulations to her breeders Jon & Annabel Gunn for another Skyeway Champion!! And not forgetting Sage's dad Alex (Aust/NZ BISS CH Shenace Good On Ya) for another champion daughter! Baby Ashley wins BPOG - we have new photo's of Sage & Ashley. 25/01/09: Northland CA: Judge D Johnson (Aust): Sage wins BOB and Runner Up Best Of Group. Ashley wins Best Baby Puppy Of Group and then goes onto win Best Baby Puppy In Show! Sage now only needs one more CC to become a Champion! 25/01/09: Melbourne, Australia: Ashton wins Best Baby Puppy Of Group 24/01/09: Melbourne, Australia: Judge from India: Holly wins a 25point CC & RBOB from an entry of 60+ whippets & young Asthon wins Best Baby Puppy Of Group 11/01/09: Melbourne, Australia: Judge: J O'Connor (Ireland) Ashton wins Best Baby Puppy Of Group 10/01/09: Melbourne, Australia: Holly wins RCC & RBOB from an entry of 48 whippets - Alice wins BPOB 09/01/09: Melbourne, Australia: Judge: J Clark (NZ) Ashton wins Best Baby Puppy Of Group 03/01/09: Huntly & Districts KA: P Robinson (NZ) Ashley's debut show - Best Baby Puppy Of Group